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The Cherry Bomb - Disconnected Satellites - CD


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Record Company:
Catalog Number: 19.9602.003
All Lyrics by Rodrigo Amadeu. Music by Rodrigo Amadeu & Humberto Scaburi. Guests: Xanda Lemos (Backing Vocals), Mr Hermes (Keyboards/Piano), Gabba and Marcão (Screams). Design/art direction & photo by Maíra Bette Motta.


1. Love Tricks
2. Crazy Bubble
3. Super Bonder Fixed Heart
4. Disconnected Satellites
5. It’s Fascinatin’
6. Outsider Soul
7. Kinda Dream
8. Go Home Boy
9. My Mind Turns Around The City
10. Today I Lose My Pride
11. Alone In The Back Room
12. All Night Long
13. Young Mother (I Love You)
14. You Better Find

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