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The Heavy - The Glorious Dead - LP (Gatefold)


Out of stock

Out of stock

Record Company:
Catalog Number: COUNT 046-ltd
Barcode: 5 021392 750163
Lyrics are printed on card inner sleeve of disk one Tracks on disk two are all instrumental versions, apart from D6 bonus track. Sticker on cellophane wrapper states, “Limited Edition vinyl. Free download code inside for this release.” Further sticker on disk one inner sleeve has mp3 download code.


A1. Can’t Play Dead (4:20)
A2. Curse Me Good (4:56)
A3. What Makes A Good Man? (3:46)
A4. The Big Bad Wolf (3:21)
A5. Be Mine (4:13)
B1. Same Ol’ (3:59)
B2. Just My Luck (3:00)
B3. The Lonesome Road (3:56)
B4. Don’t Say Nothing (3:36)
B5. Blood Dirt Love Stop (3:56)
C1. Can’t Play Dead (Inst)
C2. Curse Me Good (Inst)
C3. What Makes A Good Man? (Inst)
C4. The Big Bad Wolf (Inst)
C5. Be Mine (Inst)
D1. Same Ol’ (Inst)
D2. Just My Luck (Inst)
D3. The Lonesome Road (Inst)
D4. Don’t Say Nothing (Inst)
D5. Blood Dirt Love Stop (Inst)
D6. Untitled

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