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The Highspeed V - Demented R&B - LP (Compilation, Limited Edition)


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Out of stock

Record Company:
Catalog Number: GROO043LP-ltd
Limited to 500 copies Insert with “story, photos and a family tree with the Stockholm neo-garage scene!” A1, A2 originally released by [l247870] Records, [url=/release/2955384]7″ Super 001[/url], 1986 A3 to A6 originally released on [url=/release/3326653]”Get High With The Highspeed V EP”[/url], [l99352], 66.11926 7″, 1987 B1, B2 originally released by [url=/label/629466-Rave-On-2]Rave On Records[/url], [url=/release/1643256]RO.002.1190 7″[/url], 1990 B3, B4 originally released on [url=/master/530249]”Raw Cuts Volume Five Swedish Beat Two” – LP[/url], [url=/label/208962-Satellite-Records-6]Satellite[/url], RAW 5, 1987 B4, B5 originally released on [url=/release/2915340]”Weird Out!” – LP[/url], [url=/label/91688-Misty-Lane-Records]Misty Lane[/url], MISTY 018, 1993 Fabricado na Europa Catalog# on back cover, labels and spine: GROO043LP Catalog# on front cover: GROO 043LP


A1. Baby
A2. Sally
A3. A Party At The Beach (Live)
A4. French Blues
A5. Is It True
A6. I Will Make It
B1. Bye Bye Baby
B2. I Dont Mind
B3. She Should Be Like Me (Demo Version From 1986 W/Keyboard)
B4. You Treat Me Bad
B5. Star Will Start To Shine
B6. She Should Be Like Me
B7. You Treat Me Bad (Live)

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