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The Imperial Surfers - 1 Shot + 2 Shot - 7" (Hankerchief)


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Record Company:
Catalog Number: SFR-45-014 / SFR-45-015-ltd
Sold as a double set with a free hankerchief. Singles are the same as the when sold individually. THIS IS THEE LIMITED PACK OF BOTH SINGLES INCL. THE HANDKERCHIEF!!! The Frat- and Twist heroes from Madrid/Spain are back after their long ago sold out IMPERIAL SURFERS -IMPERIAL WALK EP by SOUNDFLAT RECORDS and their also sold out debut single by BUBBLE TOP RECORDS, and this time actually with a double ‘Shot’. 8 absolute dance tracks, through the unmistakable saxophone sound of the IMPERIAL SURFERS driven Frat Rock hits are now out on 2 stylish compatible EPs. And as a special bonus for all collector nerds like ourselves the two IMPERIAL SURFERS EPs can be acquired with a small extra charge for the strictly limited to 100 copies, stylish IMPERIAL SURFERS HANDKERCHIEF. The handkerchief is in line with the IMPERIAL SURFERS TIE PIN, which already commanded our admiration at the IMPERIAL WALK EP by the IMPERIAL SURFERS. Subject to the condition that you must order both EPs together and that only by SOUNDFLAT RECORDS/-MAILORDER. The IMPERIAL SURFERS return on vinyl actually with a double portion Beat, Twist, Frat Rock ‘n’ Roll, Surf and with the sound of several more popular dance styles. On each single you will find in addition to 3 instrumental tracks also a vocal song. The secret of the success of the IMPERIAL SURFERS lies in their unmistakable sound and in the composition of their frantic drums, grovy bass beat, clean twangy guitars and naturally in their smart and distinctive saxophone melodies. Beforehand the members of the IMPERIAL SURFERS played in bands like THE HUSTLERS, LOS NITROS, THE GOLDEN ZOMBIES & TUNA TACOS and, currently, THE KONGSMEN.


A1. Mueve Tus Botines
A2. Yeah Yeah, No No!
B1. Chilango GO!
B2. Guau Guau!
C1. Haircuttin’
C2. Pretty Jean
D1. Baldy Boy
D2. Ahora Se

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