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The Irradiates - Audio Mental Manipulation Device - LP (white)


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Catalog Number: PILP 012-ltd
First vinyl edition pressing: limited in 1000 white vinyls + free MP3 downloads of the full album (P)2010 The Irradiates (C)2010 Productions Impossible Records


A1. 350° Fahrenheit (4:21)
A2. Biometric Data (3:07)
A3. Pilot By Microwaves (2:53)
A4. Black Tiki Procession (3:50)
A5. Ida’s Tentacles (3:56)
A6. Dark Clouds (2:17)
B1. Sun Projector (2:56)
B2. Well Stated (3:03)
B3. Point To Point (3:17)
B4. Dk-Ultra (5:02)
B5. Microchip (2:53)

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