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The Lust-O-Rama* - Loose Ends! - LP


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Record Company:
Catalog Number: WEED-001
Tracks A1 and A2 are listed in the wrong order on the rear sleeve


. Demos, Outtakes… And More
A1. Soapy
A2. Gloria
A3. Rockall Trash
A4. Baby Baby
A5. Feeling Fine
A6. The Way Things Should Be
A7. Candyman
A8. Fight Fire
A9. Another Mistake
A10. In Love With You
A11. Do Be Doo
A12. Never Gonna Cry
. Live Recordings
B1. Green Onions
B2. Been So Long
B3. Night Of The Sadist
B4. I Want You
B5. I’m Down
B6. Up And Down
B7. Again And Again
B8. In And Out
B9. Need To Know
B10. Trip Me Up
B11. Don’t Love Her
B12. That’s Okay

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