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The Nightbirds* - 60's Swiss Freakbeat & Garage Legends - LP (Compilation, Limited Edition)


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Catalog Number: GROO037LP-ltd
For the first time reissued in LP all the tracks from the 45rpm recorded by the band in 1960’s, Quelli or Alla Resa Dei Conti are some of the best tunes made by an italian/swiss band in the 60’s. Freakbeat fuzz garage at is best!!! 500 copies limited edition with rare pics of the band…


A1. Night Birds
A2. Quelli
A3. Lo Corro
A4. Richard Cory
A5. Ha Vinto Lamor
A6. Tre Le Mie Cose
B1. Alla Resa Dei Conti
B2. Someone’s Call
B3. Sad Reviewing
B4. La Strada Bianca
B5. Lo No Guardo Con Gli Occhi Della Gente

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