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The Wangs – Halloween Party – LP

Recorded live at Rennes 2000, Halloween Party organized by Banana Juice

Banana Juice Production / Human Bretzel Records / Les Productions De l’Impossible / Surf Cookie Records.


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Record Company:
Catalog Number: SC027
Surf Band from France

The Wangs were formed in 1996 and disbanded in May 2003.

The Wangs have performed in concert for associations like Banana Juice, Roller Asso, The Barrocks, Cortex … in different cities in France, Belgium and Germany. They also organized their own concerts and shared the bill with The Magnetix, The Monsters, Man Or Astroman, Fifty
Foot Combo, Members Of The Happy Familly and many more.

Their discography begins in 1998 with a split debut album with The Vampires on Kamikaze records. 2nd album “On Target” on Banana Juice Production and Drunkabilly Records. 3rd album “…Pour Surfeur Seulement” released on Wild Wild Records in 2002.
In September 2002, The Wangs recorded, with the help of Coretx production, 3 songs for the single “Surfin’ Nha Trang”.

The Wangs bring a cinematic twist, starting with a tribute to Keanu Reeves on the album “On Target” and clips from the movie “Point Break” on the album “…Pour Surfeur Seulement”.

Last concert on May 23, 2003.


A1 Swinging Matahari 2:54
A2 Sky Patrol 2:41
A3 Vamos A Praia 2:40
A4 Vlah Vlah Vlah 3:53
A5 Nitro 2:50
B1 Firelord 2:48
B2 Sushi 1:56
B3 La Course De Manuel 4:32
B4 In Your Head 2:09
B5 The Wedge 2:42

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