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Urban Surf Kings - Astro Surf A-Go-Go - CD


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Record Company:
Catalog Number: SC010
Barcode: 691046290779

Urban Surf Kings latest release features 13 instro-surf tunes for your listening and dancing pleasure. The album was recorded live off the floor (with minimal overdubs), just like the way surf music should be. There is something for everyone: traditional surf sounds, sci-fi influenced songs, strait ahead surfers, a rockabilly stomper, plenty of reverb, and more.

Co-released by Greece’s Surf Cookie Records and Reverb Ranch.

All songs written by M Diabo © 2018 Michael Diabo (SOCAN).
Except Street Cleaner written by Eddie Angel © 2002 Spinout Records.

Canada’s East Coast instro-nuts, Urban Surf Kings, play 1960’s style surf music for the 21st Century.
The 23-year-old trio features Rev Hank on surf guitar, Crash Flagg on surf bass, and Inky on traps. They are officially the longest running surf band in Canada!
Urban Surf Kings have 15 releases to date, including their brand new full length Astro Surf a-Go-Go. All of their previous CDs & 45s have charted on campus/community radio across Canada, and the US. With a fan base that extends around the world (including North & South America, Europe, Asia & Australia), Urban Surf Kings may be the busiest surf band in Canada.

“One of the best Surf Instrumental bands on the planet” — Raucous Records UK


1. Run From The Bear (02:41)
2. Cosmonaut Apprentice Program (03:51)
3. Galactic Shiver (03:02)
4. Street Cleaner (02:43)
5. Slipstream (02:51)
6. Groovy Haberdashery (02:21)
7. Tesla Re:Coil (02:33)
8. Abeja Espanola (02:39)
9. Twang Noggin’ (02:58)
10. Thunder Robot (01:27)
11. Hot Pig Bits (01:57)
12. Gringo Beans (03:16)
13. Surf Monkey (01:57)

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