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Caravelle (LP)

Release Date: 24/06/2022
Catalog Ref: GC092
★ LP 12" vinyl BLACK edition of 350 copies ★

The Wave Chargers play surf music in a pure 60s tradition with lots of energy. French magazine Rock & Folk said, “they perpetuate the surf genre with a sound and attitude worthy of the early sixties Californian bands.” Even though there’s no waves in Paris, not even a slight lapping on the Seine river, watch out as the tsunami will come from The Wave Chargers’ reverb drenched live shows and wash you away!


Francis Viel : guitares
Louise Sordoillet: guitares
Samy Khanchouche: basse, piano
Claude Enée: batterie, percussions
Mat Le Rouge: saxophone

Enregistré par Florian Chambonnière au studio Melodium, 2021
Assisté par Adrien Cabanes
Mixé par Florian Chambonnière
Masterisé par Yannis Parzialis, Groove Sexion Productions
Graphisme par Samy Kha

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