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Faith In You (12″ & box set)

Release Date: 09/12/2013
Catalog Ref: GC033
* 12″ EP: 150 copies; black vinyl; 180gr; insert sleeve; download code. * Box Set: 100 copies; coloured vinyl; 180gr; insert sleeve; badget; “Junglehead Stories” CD; band photo with signatures; stickers; download code.

A1. Remember Who You Are
A2. Diggin’ Inside
B1. Dirty Sun
B2. Get Your Life BackFaith In You (12" / box set) by Distortion Tamers

The Story

A year and a half after the ‘maiden’ album (‘Junglehead Stories’) of the Athenian band, the limo of the Distortion Tamers hits the streets of the 2013 megalopolis again, as if through an old authentic garage of the 70s.
This time a great performer of the Greek Underground music scene Alexis Kalofolias (Alex K.) bassist & vocalist is the fellow passenger of Kostis Anagnostopoulos (Kosta A.-Monk), guitarist & lead vocalist and
Christopher Triantafillopoulos (Silver), drummer.
Through the music tracks of the brand new EP ‘Faith In You’ the Distortion Tamers band is offering us a ride between the imaginary and the real, in deserted city streets and angry crowds, in lonely rooms and grey dark skies. By juggling in indoor worlds between light and darkness, they manifest their own view, and signify their own position in relation to the problems of our times; that can be found in self-awareness, love and solidarity, by playing pure authentic garage/rock n’ roll that comes through the depths of the heart of a city that is changing.
And the journey continues… Enjoy the music… Enjoy the ride

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