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Mexican Road (10″)

Release Date: 04/01/2015
Catalog Ref: GC047
★ 10" BLACK vinyl edition of 300 copies ★

The Surfin’ Barmaids are the side project of The Ultra Milkmaids, the union of Captain Y. (Drums, Organ, Bass, and Guitar) and R-Kommander (Guitar, Bass). The band exists since 1996 and makes classic surf rock music.
Discography: The Surfin’ Barmaids (CD, 1999); Out of Control (CD, 2008).

A1. Mexican Road
A2. Cossack
A3. Bedlam
A4. War of the Satellites
B1. Nitro
B2. Moment of Truth
B3. DasModel
B4. Clap Beach
+ The Squad (digital bonus track)

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