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GC034 "Paisley Beach" Los Venturas Green Cookie records 2013

Paisley Beach (10″)

Release Date: 06/03/2013
★ 10" GOLD vinyl edition of 300 copies ★

Los Venturas have to offer a warm, varied, powerful and danceable instrumental live set, with one single purpose at heart: throwing a decent party and set the scene for one hell of a night.
Based on the Californian 60ies surf sound, they create a unique but accessible blend, fusing an array of different styles such as euro-instro, rock, funk soul, raï and gipsy.
For over 12 years they have been touring all over Europe and even in California, where they recorded their latest albums ‘Kaleydoskop’ (LP) and ‘Paisley Beach’ (10”).
Driven by positive vibes they bring their Euro- instro with a wink and a smile, providing just the right spark to set the night on fire.

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