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Rustines (LP/CD)

Release Date: 03/04/2017
Catalog Ref: GC055
★ LP 12″ vinyl BLACK edition of 300 copies ★ CD ★

Fine instrumentals, originating between the sun blasted shores of California and the dry deserts of Reverbistan. Rooted in Ghent (Belgium) since 2005, The Akulas remain inspired by the sixties sounds of surf music, Hammond craze and European beat and instrumentals.
After a critically acclaimed 5-track EP released in 2012, The Akulas proudly presented a follow-up full album ‘Rustines’ early 2017 on Green Cookie Records.
Over the last years, The Akulas earned their stripes as a live band on stages in Belgium and also in the Netherlands. They played at events such as North Sea Surf Festival (Amsterdam, NL), Viva Lola Festival (Sint Niklaas, BE), Night of the Phantom (Ghent, BE), Rockabilly Day (Assenede, BE), European Bug In (Chimay, BE), De Nieuwe Anita (Amsterdam, NL), Charlatan (Ghent, BE). 

★ All tracks by The Akulas except: The Searchers (David Axelrod), Moon Shot (Jerry Segger), The Mafista (Neal Hefti), Le Sang Du Soleil (Gaston Martin – Gerald Matthey), SL-54 Automatic (Fifty Foot Combo), Cemetary Stomp (Mike Lobbett), Special 230 (Andre Brasseur), Crossfire (T.J. Fowler – Tom King), Man Of Mystery (Michael Carr). ★
★ The Akulas are: Udo (Gretsch drums), Willem (Framus Star bass driven by a Fender Bassman 100), Benjamin (Nord organ) and Ruben (Fender Jaguar & Jazzmaster driven by a Fender Dual Showman Reverb and a Fender Reverb Tank). ★
★ Recorded live at Number Nine Studios (Gentbrugge, BE) by Sebastian Omerson on February 27th, 28th & 29th 2016. ★ Mixed by Pieterjan Coppenjans. Mastered by Jerboa. Produced by The Akulas. ★ Artwork by Willem Bekers. ★ Front cover picture EC (photo by Christian Lambiotte). ★ Back cover picture Architecture Archive (photo by Willy van Damme). ★
★ Special thanks to staff at Number Nine Studios (including Dries Hoof, a green big muff PI, a special floor tom, a vintage Hofner bass and a Japanese rotary speaker), Mike and Nikos at Green Cookie Records , Stam Ghent, our families and fans. ★

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