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Surf Strike ! (CD)

Release Date: 01/01/2002
Catalog Ref: GC002


  1. Side A
  2. Let’s Go
  3. Fat Back
  4. Moon Man
  5. Surf Brigade
  6. Penetration
  7. Pipeline
  8. Phantom Wave
  9. Chagos Archipelago
  10. Side B
  11. Finger Ache
  12. Summer Sucks
  13. Taunus Crème
  14. She’s A Whore
  15. Rattle Shake
  16. Spring Brake
  17. Tiger Kab


This oddly named French band excel in creating highly melodic, powerful surf rock with samples, keyboards and theremin sprinkled throughout. For a debut CD they have done a good job creating solid originals, while picking a nice assortment of vintage tunes to cover (by artists like Link Wray, The Pyramids and The Chantays). Overall, this seventeen track release by Greek label Green Cookie Records is an excellent debut from a band that is sure to gain popularity as more people hear their music, especially for fans of combos like Man Or Astroman?, Jonny & The Shamen and Destination Earth. – Continental Magazine

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