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Twang Or Die (LP)

Release Date: 09/07/2018
Catalog Ref: GC058LP
12" 180gr BLACK vinyl edition of 300 copies UPC / EAN-13: 8-717868-005604 LC-18846

Los Daytonas are : Paco Alonso (Guitar); David Caeiro (Guitar); Rubén Fuente (Bass); Mario Gª. Pomar (Drums).

Recorded in November 2017 at Big Cheff Recording Service, Madrid.
Engineered by Pedro Sancho.
Mixed by Paco Alonso.
Mastered by Axel Praefcke at Lightning Recorders, Berlin, Germany.
Produced by Mike Medianoche & Los Daytonas.
Castro bike photo courtesy of “Donzzilla” Don Miller.
Band photo by Irene Palacio.
Package design by Mike Medianoche.

All songs written and arranged by Los Daytonas except: “Big Rod” (“Big Cock,” Sex Museum, Fidias 1987); “Borracho” (Los Brincos, Novola, 1965); “Latin’ia” (The Sentinels, ERA, 1962).
Race engine sounds on “Big Rod” excerpt from the album: “The Big Sounds of the Dragsters I” (Capitol Records, 1963).
Additional musicians: Marta Ruiz (Sex Museum)  (Vox Continental organ & Vibraphone); Montse Montenegro (Castanets); Julio César Sánchez (Choirs); Javi Hunka Hunka (The Imperial Surfers)  (Tenor Sax).

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