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Directly from the haunted beaches of Costa Rica, baptized with the name of a fictional band of motorized rebels, Los Cuchillos (knives) are a garage-surf band with a frenetic live show. Los Cuchillos formed in 2005 by Tony Cuchillo influenced by the sounds and culture of the 50s and 60s, mixed with the aesthetics of horror movies and science fiction.

Los Cuchillos have played lots of shows in Costa Rica in the most important festivals, have toured Mexico several times, playing Vive Latino Festival in 2013, as well as Panama.

They have released the self-titled EP Los Cuchillos (2006) and a full CD titled Monstronautas de la Era Atomica (2008), and they have almost finished their new album Isla Macabro! (soon to be released by Green Cookie Records), that has a crude and primitive sound ready to blow everybody’s ears!!!!!

With some lineup changes in this almost 10years of reelin and rockin, Los Cuchillos have created their personal style that combines rock ‘n roll, surf, fun and debauchery of guitars with high reverberation!!!

Band members: Tony Cuchillo (vocals-guitar); Conde von Storren (guitar); Pablo Hanson (bass); Fabro Macabro (drums).

Los Cuchillos tour dates

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