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Bela Lugosi and Elvis Presley both died on Stoo Odom’s birthday. The Graves Brothers Deluxe, disembodied musical spirits from Hattiesburg, Mississippi, thus chose Odom eagerly when looking for host bodies to express themselves. A New Orleans native/recovering archaeologist/Pirate Cat Radio personality, Odom shares the current possessée duties with San Franciscans Willy the Mailman, Marco Villalobos, and Allison Lovejoy. Host bodies of GBDLX have put in time with “Thin White Rope”, “Subarachnoid Space”, “The Residents”, “Grandaddy”, and the late “Noel Redding” (yeah, him).
Since their formation in 1998, GBDLX have released a smoldering heap of albums, singles, and EPs, leading them to tours of Japan, Spain, Mexico, and the USA, plus international radio & TV appearances. Most recently, the Brothers were seen performing on “Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations” on the Travel Channel.
GBDLX also work in the world of film soundtracks (Reeling, 2007, Neurotique, 2009 and Madalien the Small, 2008), music videos (by award-winning director Nara Denning), and in 2009 released the self-titled “Mahikari” album, a collaboration with “Acid Mothers Temple’s” Kawabata Makoto and the “Boredoms'” Yamamoto Seiichi. Other collaborations are currently underway, including one with Eddie Shaw of ’60’s icons “The Monks”.
Other some-time host bodies for the Graves include Nolan Cook (the Residents, Dimesland), Drew Cook (Dimesland), Bap Pawiftni (Terrifying Sickos), Jai Young Kim (Secret Chiefs 3), Sean Greaves (TSOL, Joykiller), Roger Kunkel (Thin White Rope, Acme Rocket Quartet), Jozef Becker (Thin White Rope, True West, Sippy Cups), and more. Regardless of whoever happens to be possessed on any particular evening, the Graves Brothers Deluxe promise to scare your children into behaving.

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