LOS VENTURAS: “Playtime!” (CD/LP)

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CD edition of 500 copies – LP WHITE edition of 100 copies – LP BLACK edition of 200 copies – & free 7″ to the first 100 LP’s

After 18 years of playing, Los Venturas have marked their spot in the international scene of instrumental guitar music called ‘surf music’. That label however is too small for what the band brings its crowd: there’s exotica, balkan, ska, soul, rock ‘n roll, … Some have already uniquely labelled it ‘world surf music’. The band itself rather sticks with ‘penetrating guitar instrumentals™’. This unique fusion of styles has been approved by many crowds in Europe and over the Atlantic. Not to be surprised, as their accessible music guarantees good vibes. On top their many years of experience can be heard as a flawless live performance. In short, they know how to throw a party, in diverse settings and different stages, going from clubs to festivals, inland or at the seashore.

Their many years of writing music can be heard on 7 albums/singles that were released from 2001 on: Sharkfest, Aloha Summer, Surfers Brew, Besame Mucho, Kaleydoskop, Paisley Beach & Miles High. The last 3 albums were recorded and produced in Los Angeles by Pete Curry (Los Straitjackets, Jon & The Nightriders) and released under Green Cookie Records. This fall Green Cookie records and Los Venturas proudly present their 4th cooperation: “Playtime!”. Unlike the previous albums, this one is 100% made in Belgium: recorded at Nico Leonard’s Pum Pum Hotel in Charleroi, mixed at Great Oak Studios by Steven Van Gelder and produced by Sam Pieter Janssens.

Playtime! features 11 originals, each of them a world on its own thanks to the use of multiple instruments, techniques and the added value of some top notch guest appearances. It comes in white vinyl and CD. The first 100 LP’s come with an extra 7” featuring two alternative versions, dancefloor-proof! Whether you’re a DJ, collector, music lover or player, don’t hesitate to purchase your copy and… play it!!

Also available by Green Cookie records: Miles High (2016) (CD & LP edition of 500 copies on COLOURED vinyl) – Paisley Beach (2013) (10″ edition of 300 copies on GOLDEN vinyl) – Kaleydoskop (2011) (LP edition of 500 copies on BLACK vinyl)


(GC060) The Bardulians - Here We Go (CD)

 CD edition of 300 copies

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The Barduliansis a quartet of instrumental jazz, funk, soul and rythm & blues that wasformed at the beginning of 2012 in Bilbao, Spain. Theirmusicians come from the most representative bands of the current “black scene” inEuskadi, such as The Cherry Boppers, Akatz, Priscilla Band, Potato.

The Bardulians es un cuarteto de jazz, funk, soul y rythm&blues instrumental que se forma a principios de 2012 en Bilbao. Sus músicos proceden de las bandas más representativas de la escena negra actual en Euskadi, como The Cherry Boppers, Akatz, Priscilla Band, Potato.

Con su cadencia barduliana, The Bardulians consiguen hacer entrar en movimiento a todo aquel que este dispuesto a degustar su sonido, también al que no. La cadencia barduliana, sinónimo de ritmo y fiesta, esta impulsada por una potente sección rítmica que corre a cargo de Lando Stone (bajo) y Xavier Urrutikoetxea (batería). El magnetismo que fluye en el bardulianismo lo transmite el hammond de Joseba Negro. La dulzura corre a cargo del saxo de Iskander Vesga.

The Bardulians busca la inspiración en los años 60 y principios de los 70, cuando la grabación analógica se encargaba de mostrar el sonido de la época dorada del Soul. El ritmo barduliano consigue retrotraer hasta tiempos añejos, donde las atmósferas eran suaves y el ritmo latino servía como ofrenda al baile y la diversión.

Sus músicos nos acercan a nuestra época clásicos de grandes artistas como Lou Donaldson, Ottis Redding, Horace Silver, Aretha Franklin, Gil Scott-Heron, Billy Preston y también pequeños tributos a bandas como Sly & The Family Stone, The Meters e incluso las archiconocidas The Beatles o The Rollin´Stones.

¡Un sonido moderno para la joven Euskal Herria!



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  • CD edition of 500 copies
  • LP RED edition of 150 copies
  • LP BLACK edition of 350 copies

New release announcement

Green Cookie Records and Satan’s Pilgrims are happy to announce the reissue of “At Home With Satan’s Pilgrims”, the very first full length Pilgrims album originally released in 1994 on eMpTy Records. This album has been long out of print and will now be available again on LP and CD, remastered and with a short run of red colored vinyl copies available!
Even on their first album, the Pilgrims came out of the gate with some of their best loved original songs, such as “Surf Lyre”, “¿Que Honda?”, and “Petty 43”.
The cover songs they chose show their allegiances. Rather than going for the Dick Dale style that was about to reintroduce the world to surf music via “Pulp Fiction” (which was released into theaters not long after the release of “At Home With Satan’s Pilgrims”), the Pilgrims chose a more band oriented style as they covered The Bel-Airs, Eddie & The Showmen, The Rondels/The Challengers, and having three guitars, The Astronauts…natch!
Now here we are in 2018, looking back on the 1990s surf the same way Satan’s Pilgrims and the other 90s bands were looking back to the original 1960s surf for inspiration. Whether you were there in the 60s, 90s, or are just discovering surf, we hope you will enjoy this piece of surf music history.

album credits:

Produced by Satan’s Pilgrims.
Recorded at Alan Sound, Portland, Oregon, USA by Gary Schroeder.
Dave Pilgrim plays the vox jaguar organ on “Peter Lorre”.
Backing Vocals on “Que Honda” by The Brothers E & The Bourbonaires.
Gobbling on “Turkey Trot” by The Sour Mash Boys.
Percussion on “John’s Moods” by The Portland Men’s Drum & Poetry Circle.
Design by Clog.
All photographs by Lars Topelmann.
Grim-Lib by A. Faust.
Thank you to Lynsey, Matt Burns, and Kaie Wellman.
Remastering by Gus Elg at Sky Onion.
Recreation of cover art by Aaron Mahony.

more info:

Press contact & Bookings: www.satans-pilgrims.com/contact/
Website: www.satans-pilgrims.com/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/satanspilgrims

LOS DAYTONAS: “Twang or Die” (LP)


Los Daytonas are a genuine instrumental surf band from Madrid (Spain) established in 1997. Their new LP “Twang Or Die” includes 8 original tunes plus 3 covers on a 180gr. black vinyl.
Although this is a classic instrumental surf album, you will find a cool mix of styles such as: Hot Rod (Big Rod), Spy (La Tapadera), Western (Mátalos Y Vuelve) and various Exotica inspired tracks!!
The album was recorded live in one of the most truly retro studios in Spain: Big Cheff Recording Service; using 40’s, 50’s & 60’s equipment & backline. Mastered at Lightning Recorders, Berlin. Both running through a 100% vintage analogue processing.
Produced by Mike Medianoche & Los Daytonas, this recording has plenty of exciting arrangements using castanets, great choirs, tenor sax, organ, vibraphone, marimba & lots of percussion in order to achieve a very dynamic & unique listening experience.
If you enjoy the classic instro twangy sounds from the late 50’s to the mid 60’s era, you shouldn’t miss this BOSS band from Spain!!

under file: sixties instrumental rock, surf, spaghetti western, spy, 60’s, hot rod, exotica.

album credits:

Recorded in November 2017 at Big Cheff Recording Service, Madrid.
Engineered by Pedro Sancho.
Mixed by Paco Alonso.
Mastered by Axel Praefcke at Lightning Recorders, Berlin, Germany.
Produced by Mike Medianoche & Los Daytonas.
Castro bike photo courtesy of “Donzzilla” Don Miller.
Band photo by Irene Palacio.
Package design by Mike Medianoche.

All songs written and arranged by Los Daytonas except: “Big Rod” (“Big Cock,” Sex Museum, Fidias 1987); “Borracho” (Los Brincos, Novola, 1965); “Latin’ia” (The Sentinels, ERA, 1962).

Race engine sounds on “Big Rod” excerpt from the album: “The Big Sounds of the Dragsters I” (Capitol Records, 1963).

More info:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/LosDaytonas
Twitter: twitter.com/LosDaytonas
Bandcamp: losdaytonas.bandcamp.com
Contact: losdaytonas@gmail.com
Phone no: (+34)-679017342


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New release announcement

With more than 15 years in national and international scenes, inspired by the music of The Shadows, Henry Mancini, Ennio Morricone, Dick Dale & His Del-Tones and Esquivel, born in 2001 in Caracas, Los Javelin are the Venezuelan expression of surfabilly & roll. Barracuda on bass, Poison-Veneno on drums and Dr. Staccato on the surf guitar make up this trio considered representatives of the surf music in Venezuela.

Cocktail Caracas is exactly what the title saying. A mix of exotica, lounge, surf, ska, Latin American and Caribbean sounds directly from Santiago de León de Caracas, the capital of Venezuela. Los Javelin was born in 2001 and this is their second release. 8 amazing tracks produced and recording by Grammy winner Daniel Espinoza and Yein Gonzalez, have a unique feeling. This album is the rebirth of exotica sounds of Juan Garcia Esquivel, the twang sounds of The Shadows, the passion of Dick Dale & His Del-Tones, the complete movie sound of Henry Mancini and Ennio Morricone, under the Venezuelan sun.

1. La Maraquita: A fully exotic danceable track. One of the gentlest sounds that you have to dance it with your love in a room full of red curtains with black spots.
2. Punkabilly Surfer: The perfect soundtrack for the missing and unknown spy 6t’s movie that someone will discover on Ralph Thomas old desk.
3. El Toro: That’s what happening when you are mixing Asian music roots with Mexican trumpets and a Spanish flavor. Please watch out, El Toro will blow your mind.
4. Luna de Margarita: A classic Space theme. You can see the aliens dancing together with monsters on the grand ballroom
5. Camino a Tijuana: This is the perfect track to fell in love and dance under the moon of Tijuana. Are you still waiting to ask her for a dance?
6. Achtung Lab: This track comes naturally from the Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. “How long will I live?”, “Until dawn.”
7. Ska Surf: Have you ever listened the perfect mix of ska and surf music?
8. Caramelo e Chocolate: This is by far my favorite track. This is what this record is about. This is the taste that you must have after listening COCTAIL CARACAS.

THE EL CAMINOS: “Behind The Surf” (CD)

OUT 17 June 2016

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Eddie Ugata, a vintage guitar collector and one of Japan’s foremost authorities on 1960s surf music, formed the El Caminos in 1994 out of the ashes of his previous band The L.S.D.s, who achieved popularity in the Kansai garage scene. The El Caminos debut album Knock ‘Em Out was released in 1995.
The band’s mission statement: “pursuing the sounds of 1960s surf music without limits” embodies their sound. The El Caminos started to receive attention from surf instrumental enthusiasts, not only in Japan but throughout the world. Their second album, Surfer’s Lounge was released in June of 1996 and attracted attention from surf music fans overseas.
The El Caminos released a best album called Reverb Explosion in August of 1997 on the legendary Del-Fi Records, a label that has a very special place in the heart of Eddie. All 15 tracks were personally selected by label founder Bob Keane for a US release. The album stirred up a great response: the track Sumo Wrestler even reached the number one spot on the chart of a college radio station on the West Coast.
The El Caminos experienced several changes in membership over the years and continued their activities at a slow pace. In 2005, the band released their third album Beatrama. In 2013, the band played their first show overseas at the Surf Guitar 101 Convention.


OUT 11/dec/2015

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The American surf craze led by the Ventures, the Challengers or the Astronauts ―to name a few― has doubtlessly taken over those four boys! They know how to play every classic by heart; and beyond their fascination for the Peplum imagery ―they perform in togas!― they only swear by Surf music!
Nevertheless, they have found a way to create their own fresh and inimitable vibe. The way they play the guitar, their songwriting, and the singularity of their arrangements backed by a subtle rhythmic: here is the secret of the astounding success of Les Agamemnonz who are not done saying “Au Revoir” on worldwide stages…

BALU & DIE SURFGRAMMELN: “Los Chicharrones del Surf” (10″)

OUT 3/11/2015


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Terror strikes from the bottom of River Danube ― this invasion of generic Viennese natives brings you a ton of reverb-drenched guitars, swirling melodies from a fretless bass and primitive, hyper-sexual pounding drums, celebrating sonic landscapes built out of high-speed instromental Rock’n Roll. Their origins and influences yet remain unclear; however, the most widely accepted theory is that they were taken at an early age from their natural parents Dick Dale, Edmund Sackbauer and Lily Munster by hideous aliens who exposed them to some sort of education solely consisting of B-movies and Man or Astro-Man? records in a Martian orphanage run by the Cat Women of the Moon.

Balu (dr), Kathi Gramml (b), Max Gramml (git), Wolfi Gramml (git & random voc), BOSS “The Voice” RC-3 Gramml (doomsday sermons)