Souled Out: Sunny Side Up (LP, 2022)

The deep thrilling soulful voice of Alexandra Sieti and its powerful live shows are the key features of Souled Out, a five-piece band from Thessaloniki, Greece that formed in 2013 with the purpose of exploring the sounds of soul and R’n’B music. Debut album “Sunny Side Up” out now via Green Cookie Records on limited edition (300 copies) black vinyl.



Souled Out is a five-piece band from Thessaloniki that formed in 2013 with the purpose of exploring the sounds of soul/r’n’b music. The group consists of Alexandra Sieti (vocals), Tasos Korkovelos (keyboards), Paris Papadopoulos (guitar), Tasos Venetikidis (bass), Kostas Anagnostou (drums). Members of the band have collaborated with known Greek musicians, such as Dionisis Savopoulos, Koza Mostra, Monica Christodoulou, Largo.

The key feat of the band is its powerful live shows, where one can dance to the rhythms of old and new funk, soul, disco and r’n’b hit songs. The band has given hundreds of live shows so far, most prominent of which are at the 56th International Film Festival of Thessaloniki, In-Edit Festival, Bikes and Blues Festival of Kavala, Thessaloniki Beer Festival, Thessaloniki Street Food Festival, River Party Festival and many more. Now the band is fully active in the music scene of Thessaloniki and Athens, making regular appearances as a house band in various clubs and bars (Malt’n’Jazz, Gazarte, Faust Bar, Tiki Bar, etc). A very special moment in the group’s career is their trip to the Maldives where they performed live shows during New Year’s Eve festivities in 2019.

The band released their first single “Let Me In Your Heart” in December 2020, followed by two more singles, “Madness” in May 2021 and “Love School” in February 2022, which paved the way for their full length album release “Sunny Side Up” in March 2022.


Here in Athens Voice Radio 102,5 we absolutely love Souled Out and their frontwoman, Alexandra Sieti, whose voice displays all the colours of jazz, soul, funk and rock, following the path led by Joss Stone. The band comes from Thessaloniki and plays “sunny” soul music that lights up your day-with their songs written as if to be loved by radio stations. — Giannis Nenes, Athens Voice

Alexandra Sieti possesses a rare voice with elements that remind us of the psychedelic era of the Summer of Love. If she had lived in 1969, she could very well have had enjoyed a standing ovation on the stage of the legendary Woodstock festival. Recently, she impressed everyone on the latest talent show “The Voice Of Greece”. Many compared her voice to Janis Joplin’s explosiveness and Amy Winehouse’s timbre. — Manolis Ntaloukas, iEfimerida

They are young, they are talented and they are from Thessaloniki. Souled Out is the band that we most missed during the lockdown and we can’t wait to see them perform on stage again… the future is literally theirs… — Nikos Gkagias, Parallaxi

Soul music in all of its styles and variations, is masterfully delivered during the band’s shows and jam sessions. Their frontwoman Alexandra Sieti with her stunning voice, along with Tasos Korkovelos (keyboards), Paris Papadopoulos (guitar), Tasos Venetikidis (bass) and Kostas Anagnostou (drums), decided, amidst the dystopian pandemic scenery, to imprint their creative compositions into their first full length LP, which is due to be released in 2021. — Louiza Solomon-Panta, Popaganda

Souled Out is a band that plays contemporary soul. The voice is exactly where it needs to be, the low frequencies are right there with it, the keyboards and fx stand where they should (in the back of the mix), the trumpets are there, and “Madness” is the exact right song for the summer season. A huge YES from me. — Epitropos, Avopolis

Sugahspank!: The Incredible The Invisible (LP, 2022)

Sugahspank’s debut album “The Incredible The Invisible” originally released on CD back in 2008 for the first time on limited edition vinyl via Green Cookie Records. 200 copies black & 100 copies transparent violet.

Sometimes sultry, sometimes fiery, sometimes rocking, sometimes rapping and sometimes she sounds like one of the old soul divas. It’s amazing what this woman can get out of her throat. She seems to be able to do almost anything. Strange guys, those Greeks. A beautiful album indeed. OOR, Alex van der Hulst.


All Vocals & Lyrics: Sugahspank!.
All Music: Sugahspank!/Blend Mishkin.
Guitars on #4: Jason Leontidis.
Guitars on #8, 12, 13: Kostas Nikolopoulos of The Charms.
Bass on #4, 13: Kostis Vichos.
Electric Piano on #13: Yiannis Dimitriadis of The Happy Dog Project.
Human Beatbox on #5, 12: Bitman of Word Of Mouth.
Arranged and Produced by Blend Mishkin.
Mastered by Yiannis Stergiou at Reaction Studios.
All songs published by Ankh Productions / Ankh Music & Entertainment.
Photos by Nikos Nikolopoulos.
Cover Design by William Triantafyllou.
Originally released as CAB104 Cast-A-Blast 2008.

Deep Sea Peach Tree: Vaguely Navy (LP, 2022)

Deep Sea Peach Tree’s debut album “Vaguely Navy” from 2017 finally released on limited edition vinyl via Green Cookie Records. 150 copies black & 150 copies purple vinyl.

Deep Sea Peach Tree blend a garage sound with influences from jazz standards, shoegaze, surf rock, and the occasional electronic sound.


Deep Sea Peach Tree is the New York based music project of local Kristof Denis with the help of friends Andrew Dell Isola and Zack Pockrose. Self described as sleepy surf rock (*) // aquatic sleep rock, they blend a garage sound with influences from jazz standards, shoegaze, surf rock, and the occasional electronic sound.

They also find themselves to be a surf rock band in New York City. As a surfer who grew up in the city, the melding of the city and the New York surf scene is a constant source of creativity for Kristof and the band.

They perform mainly throughout NYC, but have played in DC, Boston, colleges throughout the northeast and sprinkle in a show in LA. But, they plan on exploring more of the US and touring in 2022. Deep Sea Peach Tree has shared the stage with Tonstartssbandht, Lunar Vacation, JEFF The Brotherhood, JW Francis and more. The band is always working on new music, and are releasing their second full length album Certain Thoughts on July 8th, 2022.



Coyle Girelli: Funland (LP, 2022)

Coyle Girelli share his new album “Funland”. Released by Green Cookie Records @ 14 October 2022 on limited edition vinyl (300 copies crystal rose).

Coyle Girelli is an English multi-platinum selling composer, singer, songwriter, record producer and multi-instrumentalist.


Coyle Girelli is an English multi-platinum selling composer, singer, songwriter, record producer and multi-instrumentalist. Formerly frontman of Your Vegas and The Chevin he released his debut solo album, Love Kills, in 2018. He has written songs for BTS, Macklemore, Robin Schulz, Westlife and many others, including the BTS worldwide number 1 single “Heartbeat” and co-composed songs for the record breaking French musicals Robin des Bois and Les Trois Mousquetaires.

Love Kills 2018-2020

In 2017 Girelli announced on Twitter that he is working on a debut solo record Love Kills to be released in summer 2018.

Debut single “Where’s My Girl?” was released 11 May 2018 described by Clash Magazine as a “swooning knee trembler”. Follow up single “My Blue Heart” was released on 8 June 2018.

The 11 track album “Love Kills” was released to widespread acclaim on 21 September 2018. Atwood Magazine called the album “A beautifully dark masterpiece”” while High Voltage Magazine called it “possibly be the most surprising musical diamond find of the year” with Girelli’s vocal performance frequently compared to Roy Orbison and Elvis Presley.

Funland 2021-

In October 2021 Girelli released single “Fun,” the first single from his sophomore album “Funland.”

“Funland” was released to critical acclaim on February 25th 2022 with Rolling Stone Australia calling it “a contender for record of the year.” AAA Backstage stated “Girelli has a certain type of song writing that oozes a sense of beauty and feeling. A lot of artists write lovely albums but this one from start to finish is that of a masterpiece…. “. Atwood Magazine described it’s sound as “Soaring and cinematic.”


noun: ντο

Happy Dog Project: Treat (LP, 2022)

Happy Dog Project share their new album “Treat”. Released by Green Cookie Records @ 9 September 2022 on limited edition vinyl (200 copies black & 100 copies transparent yellow).

Formed in Athens, Greece, in 2000, Happy Dog Project is a sextet, whose groove-centric music combines elements of Afrobeat, Ethio-jazz and hip hop.


Formed in Athens, Greece, in 2000, Happy Dog Project is a sextet, whose groove-centric music combines elements of Afrobeat, Ethio-jazz and hip hop. The band’s members are Yannis Dimitriadis (organ, keyboards), Vangelis Kasvikis (drums), Stelios Mcris (trumpet), Yannis Tseronis (bari sax), Yannis Dimakos (el. guitar), and Panos Tomaras (el. bass). MC’s BNC and RoI add rhymes and high-octane energy to the mix, both live and in the studio.


“Treat” is Happy Dog Project’s fourth studio album. It contains eight original tracks that were recorded, produced and mixed in June 2020 by Thanos Amorginos @ Downstroke Studio, except for “Afro K.” and “Don’t let me know”, that were recorded two years earlier by Yannis Petroyiannis @ Matrix Studio. The album includes contributions by rappers BNC and RoI, singer Jenny Kapadai and saxman Apostolis Lampouris.

International Love Corporation: “The Experimental Shape Of Happiness” (LP, 2022)

The Experimental Shape of Happiness is an album is about love, of wanting to reach something higher. And the song Shelter captures that more than any other. Debut album by The International Love Corporation . Out 1 July 2022 @GreenCookieRds


The International Love Corporation is a project formed by former Out of My Hair front man and songwriter Comfort aka Simon Eugene. A roaming collective of musicians that gather together wherever they find an opportunity to do so, the ILC concept started originally as a club in London that itself had its roots in an art led project ‘Western Power Trip’. The ILC has a fundamental philosophy at its roots as the search to find meaning in the common concepts of what love really is and how we relate the understandings in our treatment of each other as people of this world.


The International Love Corporation is a band and at the same time an ethos. It is as the name suggests, a gathering of people, with a few core members, but anyone can be a part of this. A reaction to all the crap that goes on in the world, that is constant, just with ever changing players. Trying to find the light within the dark. The ILC has moved between countries. Its founder, Simon Eugene aka Comfort, has journeyed across the world with it. Setting up in different continents to create moments of celebration around the concept.

The Experimental Shape of Happiness is an album is about love, of wanting to reach something higher. But if you’re going to preach that message then you have to question first what is love? And then you have to question yourself, about where you are at as a person, because you can’t start singing about these virtuous things without looking at who you are in all of that. So the ILC is about a personal journey and also creating this immensely positive atmosphere of celebration whilst understanding the conflicts within that, recognizing the dark within The light.

This is what the Experimental Shape of Happiness is about. And the song Shelter captures that more than any other.

To create that atmosphere, in its recording, everything had to be done live, old style, the band all set up in one room, everything bleeding into everything else, and just going with it. Nothing fake, nothing programmed. Just the moment of happening. Trust in each other. I think we all believe that each time we get together magic happens, just by the ‘declaration’ of it. The name inspires us to be that, in the moment, just this fantastic bond that exists between anyone who is part of it.


Songwriter Simon Eugene aka Comfort formed Out of my Hair in the early 90’s when, signed to RCA Records, they had a number of close shaves with the charts, including best known tracks In the Groove Again and Mr Jones. The band built up a loyal following before problems with the label ran the project into the ground. Simon continued to perform as Comfort, then retired from music, then came back to form the International Love Corporation. A prolific writer, he then diverged into film soundtracks, experimental art projects (Western Power Trip) but with so much unreleased material and with some different projects, decided to reform OOMH as a vehicle for his most favourite style of psychedelic pop/folk. Simon also performs solo, still as the ILC with a new album out soon. He is also in heavy demand as a producer and writer for other artists.


The Wave Chargers: “Caravelle” (LP, 2022)

The Wave Chargers share their new album “Caravelle”. 12 tracks of Surf Rock, Eleki, Exotica and Rock’n’Roll. Released by Green Cookie Records, Sonic Twang Dangerhouse Skylab. Available by streaming, download and CD now. Available on vinyl in July.

Here is “Caravelle” the second album of The Wave Chargers.

The Wave Chargers are four young people active in the Parisian underground since 2015.
Four musicians playing energetic and sexy surf music at the same time.
After two EPs and an LP (“The Wave Chargers” 2019) noticed by the public and the media (Rock & Folk, Rolling Stone, FIP, France 24, Radio 3-rtve) the group returns to what it knows how to do better: mainly surfing instrumental music (think Californian sixties bands), but this time also with an eye towards other geographical and cinematographic horizons.

These so-called horizons, they opened them up after the release of their first album. Too confined as they were to wait for the resumption of concerts, they took the opportunity to work as composers and session musicians for the needs of several catalog music. Surf, jazz, yé-yé, rock’n’roll projects, which regularly find their way to cinema or television (“L’Evènement” Golden Lion – Venice 2021, various Netflix series or films (“Emily In Paris” “Madame Claude”), France TV, Discovery Channel).

Additional experiences that allowed The Wave Chargers to show that they were not just an instrumental surf music group, but four talented musicians who can play what they want, and give a whole richness to this second album.

From the surf theme that makes you want to tap your feet all along, from winks to beach party movies from Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon, passing through Hawaiian atmospheres, references to the Japanese Eleki, or a detour to the West and North African coasts, this Caravelle trip is a short world tour in less than 30 minutes.


Francis Viel : guitares
Louise Sordoillet: guitares
Samy Khanchouche: basse, piano
Claude Enée: batterie, percussions
Mat Le Rouge: saxophone

Enregistré par Florian Chambonnière au studio Melodium, 2021
Assisté par Adrien Cabanes
Mixé par Florian Chambonnière
Masterisé par Yannis Parzialis, Groove Sexion Productions
Graphisme par Samy Khan

Tony Malacara: Tony Malacara (LP, 2022)

Tony Malacara is a Mexican American musician/artist based in Southern California. For 11 years, Malacara performed internationally with a well known garage rock band (from Switzerland to Spain to the UK), playing festivals like Austin Psychfest, opening for iconic 60s groups including the Zombies and the Standells, and sharing bills with Ronnie Specktor and Roky Erickson.

Malacara’s first solo album is psychedelic and dreamy with sinister undertones. A self taught musician, Tony writes and sings his songs, overdubbing bass, guitar, piano, organ and mellotron for recordings. Tony Russo, Malacara’s lead guitarist and longtime childhood friend, provides polished, floaty structure while Shane Graham of Dream Phases provides intuitive and precise drums and percussions. The album was recorded in LA by the talented musician and recording engineer Joel Jerome. Influenced by hazy visions of witches and ghosts, Malacara transports you into an otherworldly realm that hovers between the hopeful and the ominous.

Tropa Magica: III (LP, 2022)

Tropa Magica uphold tradition and Mexican identity with psychedelic Cumbia Rock.

The East L.A. duo made a name for themselves by combining alternative, grunge, and psychedelic rock with cumbia — a danceable genre that originates from Colombia and is typically grouped with tropical sounds like salsa, merengue and bachata, among many. But Tropa Magica expands that sound by featuring diverse instruments and incorporating bossa nova, surf rock and disco.


Release date: May 13th, 2022

East LA’s, Psychedelic Cumbia Punk outfit Tropa Magica release their third studio album Tropa Magica “III” following up their ambitious sophomore album “Tripiando Al Infinito En Mi Recamara” which got placements on Netflix’s Gentefied and Felipe Ezparza’s Bad Decisions Comedy Special. Tropa Magica “III” will be co-released internationally on vinyl by the Greecian label “Green Cookie” Records.

During the pandemic Pacheco brothers David and Rene, worked on this album from hundreds of miles apart in different states. David residing in New Mexico emailed Rene tracks and via emails they mixed and mastered this new album. Originally meant to be demos, the brothers decided to release the tracks in their “lo-fi” state in order to remain truthful and reflecting of the times in which it was written.

Unlike previous albums some of these songs first started off as commissions that David wrote for patrons in order to make some extra cash while unable to tour during the pandemic. What results is a Tropa Magica album that has less production but instead caters to its audience and retains a more coherent and unified Tropa sound. The band prepares to tour nationally this year to support the album.

For more information, promo request or to arrange an interview contact David Pacheco at [email protected]

Ojibo Afrobeat: Ojiboland (LP, 2022)

“Ojibo Afrobeat” is an afrobeat/afrojazz/high-life music band from Vilnius, Lithuania founded by Gediminas Stankevičius, Karolis Levarauskas and Arūnas Blažys in 2018. 
In January 2020 the band released their debut album “Ojiboland” which also happened to be the first afrobeat album from Lithuania and one of the first ones from Eastern Europe music scene. 
In 2021 the collective released their first international collaboration, a single called “Igobi Keke” featuring the Kenyan artist “Makadem”. The end of the year was marked with a new EP “Transitions”. 
 The band is planning on releasing another full length album sometime in 2022.

Quickly after release album aired locally well known radio stations “LRT Opus”, “Start FM” in Lithuania and received many positive reviews from Belgium, France, Brazil, Argentina and United States as well as music people from Lithuania. Only positive feedback was received from well known african culture and afrobeat music ambassador in Belgium Benjamin Tollet a.k.a DJ Mukambo who featured “Ojiboland” in his popular radio podcasts. “Ojibo Afrobeat” on stage is an open-hearted act which shares positive energy and good vibes. During live performances this combination rarely leaves the audience without a proper party.

The Mutants: Deathrace 3000 (LP, 2022)


20th year anniversary. Exactly 20 years after the release of  ‘Deathrace 3000’ on CD finally a vinyl version (green colored) with a new artwork by Henrique San. Funky garage. Afrogaragemambo. Psychedelic voodoo groove.


Funky garage. Afrogaragemambo. Psychedelic voodoo groove. Oh dear… The Mutants are a tough little bastard to exactly pin down what they’re all about. But with music this cool, funky and with an all-out party on!-attitude you really shouldn’t even care.
The Mutants was originally started as an instrumental garage rock band in 1998. As The Mutants slowly began incorporating more rhythmic influences in their music, the line-up was fortified with a percussionist and a saxophone player. Some say the Finnish music scene would never be the same…
The band released their first 7″, “Le Mutant”, in the summer of 2001 on a Finnish label Legal Records after which the band has released a bunch of singles and appeared on compilations worldwide. Tracks from the singles and some compilation appearances were put on one CD by the Greek label Green Cookie Records in 2002.

The Bash Dogs: Disco Cowboy (LP, 2022)

Cheers to the years! A spirit of exploration, of love and unity – a musical philosophy Los Angeles quartet The Bash Dogs keep alive with their surf disco (*), but also their pure devotion to the art form. After cementing their status as the hosts of the grooviest party in town, The Bash Dogs are gearing up to release their debut album. With a new member, a new vibe, and new songs made to get people moving and grooving all night long, the next chapter of the Dogs starts now.

As the Dogs’ realized their talents could expand far more than just 12 bar blues and guitar solos, they decided to develop something new. Coming from the city where surf/garage/psych bands are never in short supply, the last few months had felt repetitive and stale, like the band was idling. Trying on some dance-floor rhythms and sugary bass lines more influenced by classic funk and disco, their sound transformed. With the spark of this newfound energy and the space to push their songwriting and playing to new levels, Surf Disco was born.

As you can taste bits and pieces of the classic and memorable rock n’ roll sound the Dogs grew up on, this newborn fusion they have created is guaranteed to get you off your feet and it is reflected in the sophisticated groove changes and experimental structure of 2020 single, “Dog Days”—funk guitar and buttery vocals pointing to a refined, more mature sound that the Dogs are ready to further unveil. As soon as the unmistakable groove and the synth waves hit you, there’s no denying it’s slicker, it’s glossier, and it’s the perfect soundtrack for “boogie nights and disco parties.”

(*) Green Cookie Records note: ‘surf’ stands for ‘indie surf’ NOT for “surf rock”, see:

Nate Barrett (Vocals/Guitar); Jerm Barrett (Drums/Vocals); Nathan Schmok (Bass); Kyle Gaffney (Guitar/Vocals).