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A. Kostis* – The Jail’s A Fine School – LP


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Catalog Number: MRP-097
– Reissue of the 2015 Mississippi/Olvido Rebetiko treasure [r7577992] – “Olvido” is not misspelled on back sleeve as on above 2015 first issue of the compilation. First ever vinyl collection of the legendary “Kostis,” [a1668136] the most enigmatic of all Greek rebetika artists. 12 tracks of truly unique guitar duets and black-humor lyrics chronicling the hash dens, prison culture and pickpockets of old Athens. Recorded under a pseudonym for export to the Greeks living in America, research has uncovered the musician, journalist and cartoonist Kostas Bezos [a2945117] as the figure lurking behind the Kostis name, with ties to the famous singer Tetos Demetriades [a1905584]. Renowned for his slide guitar playing in Hawaiian-style orchestras throughout the 1930s, the Kostis recordings reveal an entirely different underworld of the macabre and illicit. The use of guitar in these now-classic rebetika songs display a virtuosity of finger-picked Near-Eastern modes and unusual tunings at the dawn of rebetika, when the bouzouki was yet to become supreme. Presented in pristine audio quality mastered from original 78 rpm discs by Michael Graves, “The Jail’s a Fine School” stands as an important document of an enduring mystery in Greek music, and a high standard for what was once a truly subversive art form. LP version includes a 28 page booklet with extensive notes by Tony Klein (“Greek Rhapsody,” “Mortika”), full lyrics in Greek and English, and several previously unpublished photographs.


A1. Yannis The Hash Smoker (3:56)
A2. A School Was Burned (4:10)
A3. Troumba (4:01)
A4. You Were Barefoot (3:55)
A5. Dertlidhikos Horos (4:09)
A6. In The Basement (3:59)
B1. I Pass By Your Door (4:17)
B2. Toumbeleki Toumbeleki (4:17)
B3. Dizziness Overcomes Me (4:09)
B4. This Summer (4:15)
B5. I Became Thin (4:15)
B6. The Jail’s A Fine School (4:22)

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