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Les Agamemnonz a Surf Band from France at Norman’s Rare Guitars!!!

The Akulas – “L’Amour Chaud”

Los Venturas – “Beach Bunny”

TMGS – The Wasted Hours

Los Daytonas – “Twang Or Die” (teaser)

Les Agamemnonz – “Au Revoir” @ Surforama 2018

Los Daytonas – “Impostor” (videoclip)

The Phantom Four – “Paganini” (live at Pacific Parc)

Les Agamemnonz live @ Festival La Ferme Electrique #7

El Caminos @ Surfer Joe Summer Festival 2016

Los Venturas – “Miles High” (teaser)

The El Caminos Japan’s No.6 Surfing Band Live in Osaka Oct.23.2015

Balu & die Surfgrammeln – “Los Chicharrones del Surf” – EP Announcement

Los Venturas – “Beach Bunny” & “Fou de Film”

The Aqua Barons – “Horror Spa”

The Aqua Barons – “Anastenaris” & “Zehra”

Balu & die Surfgrammeln – “Wipeout”

Painted Air – Soulshaker

The Phantom Four – “Malagueña” @ Surforama Valencia 2013

TMGS – It’s a ride

TMGS – “Headed Home”

TMGS – Coastlines

TMGS – New Scene

TMGS – Slow Me Down

Pedrito Diablo y Los Cadáveras – Mogambo

Pedrito Diablo y los Cadáveras – Desenfunda Forastero

Bob Urh & The Bare Bones – “Carnival Song”

The Graves Brothers Deluxe performing "Papio Papio (The Swamp Ape Again)" for The Green Couch Sessions. See more at

The Graves Brothers Deluxe – Papio Papio (The Swamp Ape Again)

The Ultra 5 – Rare early band practice at word famous Coyote Studio.

The Dadds – Les Filles, le Jerk et les Motos

The Gonks. Grown Man Cry. Availble on 'Rowed Out Records'. Shot over two days in Middleheim Park Antwerpen, by Jerone.

The Gonks-Grown Man Cry!

The Star And Key Of The Indian Ocean video thumbnail surf music France Green Cookie records

The Star And Key Of The Indian Ocean – All Right (video clip)

Bay Area filmmaker Nara Denning uses The Graves Brothers Deluxe's "Papio Papio" as a soundtrack for this heartwarming tale of love, hope, voyeurism, domination, and an ape suit.

Papio Papio (The Swamp Ape Again)

Speedball Jr – “V8”

The Star And Key Of The Indian Ocean - "All Right" @ L'Olympic Nantes France (live 2006).

The Star And Key Of The Indian Ocean – “Al Right” (live 2006)

The Gonks live at the Brussels Rhythm and Blues Club, 17th February 2007.

The Gonks – Hush live@BRBC, 17 Feb 2007