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Akira Ifukube – Godzilla – LP


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Catalog Number: DW024
Barcode: 5053760008422
Comes with a obi and a 16,5″X23,5″ poster. Sleeve spine reads “Professor Yamane, Let’s Be Honest, If There’s A Way To Defeat Godzilla, We Need To Know.” Track B11 is an untitled lock groove of the “Godzilla Stomp” that does not appear on the tracklist.


A1. Godzilla Approaches
A2. Godzilla Main Theme
A3. Ship Music / Sinking Of Eikou-Maru
A4. Sinking Of Bingou-Maru
A5. Anxieties On Ootojima Island
A6. Ootojima Temple Festival
A7. Stormy Ootojima Island
A8. Theme For Ootojima Island
A9. Japanese Army March I
A10. Horror Of The Water Tank
A11. Godzilla Comes Ashore
B1. Godzilla’s Rampage
B2. Desperate Broadcast
B3. Godzilla Comes To Tokyo Bay
B4. Intercept Godzilla
B5. Tragic Sight Of The Imperial Capital
B6. Oxygen Destroyer
B7. Prayer For Peace
B8. Japanese Army March II
B9. Godzilla At The Ocean Floor
B10. Ending
B11. Untitled

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