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Alan Jenkins And The Thurston Lava Tube - Free Surf Music # 1 - LP


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Record Company:
Catalog Number: SRLP 07
Heavy vinyl pressing.


A1. Freak Saturn Tatoo (0:17)
A2. Pour Quois Pas Moo (1:55)
A3. Hairy Japanese Bastards (1:22)
A4. Gargling With Shelves (1:38)
A5. Bees (1:26)
A6. Free Surf Music # 1 (7:58)
A7. Tell Out My Soul (2:28)
B1. Plague Of Cows (0:39)
B2. Pies, Pies, The Sky Is All Pies (5:50)
B3. Chewing Gum For The Spine (0:47)
B4. The Machine’s Just Set Up For Poisonous Foam (0:20)
B5. Lumpy Gravy (2:34)
B6. Frequent Moderate Violence (2:35)
B7. A Murderer, A Mass Murderer And A Man In A Bri-Nylon Shirt (4:16)

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