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Are We Electric? – Novoc. – LP


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Record Company:
Catalog Number: can8
Recorded, mixed and mastered in three days in july/august 03 at novasonic recording company. Thanks and hello to: Our families and friends, [url=]Bob Weston[/url], [url=]Mr Knauer[/url], [a503109], Numbers, [a716610], [url=]Man Vs Nature[/url], Fitness, Hellmonkeys, [url=]Oxxxes[/url], [a103197], [a2401017], Jörg ([url=]Komma[/url]), [url=]Yellow Press[/url], Malte, Abel, Erik, …and you. red.can.records – kirchenstr. 26 – 81675 muenchen – germany – The pressing plant catalog number in the runouts is stamped, everything else is etched.


A1. First Reconfiguration (2:11)
A2. Triton (2:45)
A3. Segments Of Zero (1:56)
A4. Terra Digital (4:38)
A5. 69 BPM From The Left Side (1:59)
A6. The Connection Between Cause And Effect (2:19)
A7. Automatic Self Control (ASC) (3:08)
B1. Transformer (1:49)
B2. Next Position Next (2:12)
B3. M.A.G. (2:04)
B4. Comfort (2:26)
B5. Buck Is Back (3:11)
B6. Protostar (1:58)
B7. Parametric Range Failure (2:31)

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