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Chain And The Gang – Music’s Not For Everyone – LP


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Record Company:
Catalog Number: SOS 201
Barcode: 4260016922017


A1. Why Not? (2:44)
A2. Not Good Enough (2:43)
A3. For Practical Purposes (I Love You) (2:59)
A4. Livin’ Rough (2:41)
A5. It’s A Hard, Hard Job (Keeping Everybody High) (4:02)
A6. Detroit Music (2:21)
A7. Detroit Music Pt II (2:21)
B1. Music’s Not For Everyone (5:06)
B2. Can’t Get Away (2:51)
B3. (I’ve Got) Privilege (2:49)
B4. Youth Is Wasted On The Young (3:45)
B5. Not Good Enough (Dub) (3:06)
B6. Bill For The Use Of A Body (3:12)
B7. Why Not? Pt III (1:47)

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