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Chamberlain (2) – Five-Year Diary (1996-2000) – LP


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Record Company:
Catalog Number: HTC 010
Live tracks mixed and mastered at Airtime Studios / Bloomington, Indiana.


. The 1996 Demo Recordings
A1. Everything Here (3:46)
A2. Magnetic 62nd (3:50)
A3. Racing Cincinnati (4:31)
A4. From Infinity To The County Fair (4:37)
. The 1997 Demo Recordings
A5. The World Don’t Want Us (4:33)
A6. Last To Know (4:01)
B1. Start In The Streetlight (6:08)
. The 1998 Live Recordings
B2. Five Year Diary (Prelude) (Live) (1:23)
B3. Montain Of A Heart (Live) (4:10)
B4. Lonesome Song (Live) (3:58)
B5. The World Don’t Want Us (Live) (4:52)
B6. Racing Cincinnati (Live) (4:33)
B7. Magnetic 62nd (Live) (3:15)
C1. Five Year Diary (Interlude) (Live) (1:51)
C2. Where Ever I Lay My Head (Live) (4:23)
C3. Good Enough (Live) (5:24)
C4. Stars In The Streetlight (Live) (6:59)
C5. Manhattan’s Iron Houses (Live) (4:25)
C6. Crush You (Live) (5:00)
D1. Last To Know (Live) (4:13)
D2. Go Down Believing (Live) (4:41)
D3. Five Year Diary (Refrain) (Live) (2:00)
. Songs From The Big Brown 1998-2000
D4. Try For Thunder (7:25)
D5. The South Has Spoiled Me (2:54)
D6. Hope You Show Up Soon (6:20)
D7. Five Year Diary (Reprise) (Live) (4:39)

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