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Date Bait - I Split On Your Grave - LP


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Record Company:
Catalog Number: ROSE 198
Artwork = Kim Kane, Flier Art, B. Horrorwitz.


A1. I’m Outta Here (2:26)
A2. Evolution Revolution (1:55)
A3. Poker Chips (3:25)
A4. Didn’t Know I Loved You (2:50)
A5. Bog Baby (4:02)
A6. Skull Diggery (2:20)
A7. Crawdaddy Simone (3:28)
A8. Strange Movies (3:29)
A9. Master Race Rock (0:18)
B1. I Got A Right (3:06)
B2. Graveyard Stomp (3:38)
B3. College Kids (2:55)
B4. Snakeskin Summer (3:02)
B5. Master Race Rock (4:03)
B6. Do Anything You Wanna Do (2:18)
B7. The Pagoda Mystery (4:23)

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