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Deaf Machine – Found Noises – CD


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Record Company:
Catalog Number: RAUB-002
Barcode: 821272201724
Total running time 49:40 Tracks 1-5 originally released on a [r=746120] split tape with Instant Cold Commando. Self released in 1992 in an edition of 10 copies. Tracks 2 & 3 also released on [r=97410] 2CD compilation. Released on Cold Meat Industry / VUZ Records (CMI.19, VUZ 04) in 1993. Track 6 was supposed to be released on a compilation but remained unreleased. Track 7 originally released on the [r=227295] cassette compilation. Released on Harmonie (HARM 03) in April 1995. Track 8 originally released on the [r=122040] CD compilation. Released on Slaughter Productions (SPCD01) in January 1994. Every effort has been made to improve the sound as much as possible. However, some anomalies still remain due to the limitations of the original source. Thanks to Peter Nyström for inspiration.


1. Death Season (8:13)
2. Noise Destruction (6:52)
3. Door To Death (4:03)
4. Reaction (8:21)
5. At The End (3:09)
6. Silent Intruder (3:56)
7. Injection (7:05)
8. Final Destination (8:17)

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