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Del Close & John Brent – How To Speak Hip – LP


Out of stock

Out of stock

Record Company:
Catalog Number: GB006LP
Barcode: 3891121306068
Included the original ‘Hip Manual’, a complete instructions and a Dictionary of Hip. A Thorough reading of this Dictionary will familiarize you with a number of useful Hip expressions. Tracks A7, A8, B8 and B9 are bonus tracks.


A1. Introduction (1:13)
A2. Basic Hip (1:15)
A3. Vocabulary Building (4:15)
A4. The Loose Wig (2:45)
A5. The Riff (5:50)
A6. The Hang Up (3:18)
A7. Giant Steps (4:45)
A8. Lonely Woman (4:59)
B1. Put On, Put Down, Come On, Come Down, Bring Down (5:50)
B2. Cool (3:51)
B3. Uncool (1:00)
B4. Field Trip No. 1 (1:30)
B5. Field Trip No. 2 (1:12)
B6. Field Trip No. 3 (1:15)
B7. Summary (1:27)
B8. Nakatini Suite (8:11)
B9. Finger Poppin’ (4:48)

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