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The Frogenstein – Surf Clusters – CD


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Record Company:
Catalog Number: SC032

The Frogenstein is a French surf rock mutation unleashed since 2016, as an invasive species they spread a nervous speed’n’roll venom who drench your ears with reverb and turns your mind in a twangy sweating trance


The Frogenstein est une créature mutante, née d’une expérimentation interdite, qui remet à l’honneur le surf rock instrumental, ravageur et hautement contagieux, dans la lignée des grands Link Wray, Dick Dale ou encore Hawai Samourai.
L’invasion batracienne n’a qu’un seul objectif, vous proposer un voyage spatio-temporel aux confins des sixties, du kitsh et de la série Z, là où la main de l’homme n’a jamais oser poser le pied.

The Frogenstein is a mutant creature, born of a forbidden experiment, which puts back in the spotlight instrumental surf rock, devastating and highly contagious, in the lineage of the great Link Wray, Dick Dale or Hawai Samourai.
The batrachian invasion has only one objective, to offer you a space-time journey to the borders of the sixties, kitsch and the Z series, where the hand of man has never dared to set foot.


1 In Reverb We Trust
2 Surf Nation
3 Gypsy Fury
4 Dead Rider
5 Terminal Velocity
6 Voodoo Twist
7 Twango
8 Frogenstein Swing
9 Ninja Cat
10 Hawaiian Dance
11 Dawn Of Cthulhu

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