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Hawaii Samurai – Let There Be Surf – LP (Album, Reissue, Limited Edition)


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Catalog Number: PILP 021-ltd
This record was initially recorded in December 2002 and released on CD at the begining of 2003. What you’re holding in yours hands is a new edition on LP, released 9 years later, in January 2012.Limited to 500 copies.


A1. Voodoo Princess Terror
A2. Our Favorite Martian
A3. Surf’ N’ Destroy
A4. Astrocrypt Hellsurfers
A5. Pacific Darkside
A6. Surf Or Die
B1. Ocean’s Devil
B2. Venus Polis
B3. Toxic Avenger
B4. Ride The Snake
B5. Run Chicken Run
B6. Mariachi’s Fever

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