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Hitchcocks (4) - It's Alive! - CD

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Catalog Number: SC012-ltd
From the distant lands of São Paulo/Brazil comes the Hitchcocks! Inspired by B movies, science fiction, classic soundtracks, surf music and garage rock, the band started playing in the early 00s and is now releasing its first album since their last EP from 2008. The new album, titled “It’s Alive”, brings a selection of ten songs, composed in different moments of the band, but recorded now at once. With lots of reverb and synthesizers, their sound brings echoes of the new wave, in an intergalactic surf-gothic mix. Art and photos: Ricardo Escudero / Bob HitchcockRodrigo Lobato – Saxophone (tracks 3, 7 and 10)


1. Sunset Vampire (03:14)
2. It’s Alive ! (03:15)
3. Surfin Munsters (03:11)
4. Nas Ondas E Padares (04:07)
5. Distúrbios em Marte (03:45)
6. Sistema e Perseguição (02:29)
7. Duelo Surf (03:26)
8. House Of Hill (02:54)
9. Zombified (03:10)
10. Insólita City (02:23)
11. Que Jack Sou (02:39)
12. O Escorpião Escarlate (03:36)

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