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I Barbieri / I Fenomeni - Battle Of The Bands! - 7"


Out of stock

Out of stock

Record Company:
Catalog Number: AP041
All the tracks are garage rock classics re-arranged with Italian lyrics. Track A1 is ‘The Hustler’ originally performed by [url=]The Sonics[/url]. Track A2 is ‘She Told Me Lies’ originally performed by [url=]The Chesterfield Kings[/url], Track B1 is ‘Action Woman’ originally performed by [url=]The Litter[/url]. Track B2 is ‘Dirty Water’ originally performed by [url=]The Standells[/url]. Limited edition 333 hand-numbered copies (100 on blue vinyl).


A1. Il Fuoriclasse
A2. Ritornerai
B1. Una Donna Vera
B2. Acqua Sporca

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