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Isidore Ducasse (3) – Isidore Ducasse – LP (Limited Edition)


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Record Company:
Catalog Number: BRR222-ltd
Limited to 500 copies. Pressed on 140 gram black virgin vinyl. This project was originally conceived and composed as a soundtrack to an unreleased western.


A1. I Hail You, Old Ocean !
A2. Mesmeric And Savage
A3. Earthly Thoroughfare
A4. Here Lies A Youth Who Died Of Consumption
A5. The Shape Of The Angel
A6. Slumbers The Hermaphrodite
A7. The Startled Spiders
A8. Bellowing Like Flayed Elephants
B1. Fever Has Overtaken This Frail Frame
B2. Waxed Taciturn Of Temper
B3. Ragman
B4. Whoever You Are, Eccentric Python
B5. Non-Solitary Hearts
B6. Irrepressible Shudder

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