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Jean-Michel Bernard – Ballad For A Pierced Heart – 12″ (Album, Limited Edition, Numbered)


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Out of stock

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Catalog Number: VR005-ltd
The score of the movie “Ballad for a Pierced Heart” by Jean-Michel BernardIncludes original poster of the film and unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC.Made in EU.


A1. Irakli Shots Manos Arrival (2:00)
A2. Car Arrives (2:39)
A3. Car Crepuscule-Iraklis Money (1:52)
A4. Olga Seagull Epie Walk Forest (2:27)
A5. Ext Night Manos Olga Irakli Fotini (2:05)
A6. Tsekos Fotini Aliki Yorgos (1:50)
A7. Car Seagull Beginning Process (1:07)
A8. Arrival 2 Killers Olga Manos (0:51)
A9. Manos Discovers Money (2:27)
A10. Tsekos Murders Idea Irakli Fotini (3:27)
B1. Sakis Cafeteria (1:22)
B2. Olga Back Seagull Spies Ext Night Seagull Petros Yorgos Sister (2:11)
B3. Exit Olga House Manos Bag (1:10)
B4. 2 Killers Murder Fotini (2:31)
B5. Iraklis Tel Already (2:00)
B6. Exit House Manos Arrival Iraklis Cimetary Murder (4:19)
B7. Sakis Kills Petros Sister Yorgos (3:52)
B8. Seagull Olga- Olga Alone (2:49)

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