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John Carpenter, Cody Carpenter , & Daniel Davies – Halloween (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Expanded Edition) – LP


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Record Company:
Catalog Number: SBR-231
Barcode: 8 43563 12086 6
Standard edition on one Orange LP (side A/B) and one Black LP (side C/D). Features 28 minutes of previously unreleased music. Tracks A2, A5, A6, A8, A9, A10, A12, A13, B1, B2, B4, B8, B10, C1, C2, C5, C7, C8, C9, C11, C13, D1, D2, D3 were previously unreleased. • Publishing information: All music published for John Carpenter by John Carpenter Music and administered by ASCAP, all music published for Cody Carpenter by Ludrium and administered by ASCAP, and all music published for Daniel Davies by Four Ages and administered by BMI except tracks A2, A3, B5, B6, C8, D7 and D8 co-published/co-administered with Jack O’Lantern Music © 2019 Sacred Bones Records ℗ 2019 Rodeo Suplex, Inc. D/B/A Rodeo Suplex Music under exclusive licence to Sacred Bones Records. Motion picture title, artwork, and photos © 2019 Universal Studios. Pumpkin design appears courtesy of [l850853]. Comes in deluxe gatefold packaging with lenticular outer sleeve that makes Michael “burn” when taking the jacket out.


A1. Intro
A2. Aaron Meets Michael
A3. Halloween Theme
A4. Laurie’s Theme
A5. Aaron And Dana Enter Laurie’s Compound
A6. Laurie’s Past
A7. Prison Montage
A8. Laurie Breaks Down
A9. Karen’s Flashback
A10. Lumpy Explores Crash
A11. Michael Kills
A12. Hawkins Arrives At Crash Site
A13. Dana’s In The Shower
B1. The Story Of Judith’s Death
B2. The Gas Station
B3. Michael Kills Again
B4. Gas Station Aftermath
B5. The Shape Returns
B6. The Boogeyman
B7. The Shape Kills
B8. Hawkins Called To Babysitter’s House
B9. Laurie Sees The Shape
B10. Babysitter Aftermath
C1. Sartain Meets Laurie
C2. Looking For Allyson
C3. Wrought Iron Fence
C4. The Shape Hunts Allyson
C5. Talking To Cops
C6. Allyson Discovered
C7. Gun Closet
C8. Halloween Theme (I’ve Got Eyes)
C9. Sartain’s Gone Mad
C10. Say Something
C11. Through The Woods
C12. Ray’s Goodbye
C13. The Shape Attacks Laurie
C14. The Shape Is Monumental
D1. Searching For The Shape
D2. Mannequin Panic
D3. Death Drum
D4. The Shape And Laurie Fight
D5. The Grind
D6. Trap The Shape
D7. The Shape Burns
D8. Halloween Triumphant

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