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Knut Wiggen – Electronic Works 1972-1975 – LP


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Out of stock

Record Company:
Catalog Number: OGM005
Barcode: 7041889505593
All music composed and recorded by Knut Wiggen with Musicbox at Elektronmusikstudion/EMS, Stockholm, 1972-1975. Stereo-Mixdown from the original four-channel master tapes and vinyl mastering by Cato Langnes at Notam, Oslo, 2018. Note: These works were originally composed as Multi-Channel pieces, as it was Wiggen’s prefered format. These new Stereo-Mixes were done with the utmost care to preserve Wiggen’s artistic intentions. The original Multi-Channel version are available through O. Gudmundsen Minde for those interested. This record is released with kind permission from Carol Van Nuys and Knut Wiggens estate. Special thanks to Carol Van Nuys, Cato Langnes and Jøran Rudi for their contribution and enthusiasm for this project.


A1. Sommarmorgon (3:36)
A2. Etyd (3:47)
A3. Resa (9:39)
B1. Massa (6:07)
B2. EMS För Sig Själv (11:21)

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