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Les Robots (2) – Exploring the Boundaries of the Multiverse – CD


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Record Company:
Catalog Number: DCCD98


1. Resetting Factory Settings
2. Astroid of Love
3. Main Title Theme from ‘Special Agent Spybot’
4. Theme from T.A.L.
5. Floating in the Shadow of Venus
6. Hail Ambassador Phantom from the Planet Krankor
7. Blood Rust
8. The Electroejaculation Vaudeville Tune
9. The Rossumovi Univerzální Roboti Waltz
10. Lost in the Fog of Planet Q
11. To the Moon and Back Again
12. The Eastern Market
13. The Boundary of the Multiverse: 1.The Sound of the Boundary
14. The Boundary of the Multiverse: 2.Outside the Boundary
15. The Boundary of the Multiverse: 3.Re-entry
16. The 10.000 Volt Ghost Strikes Three Times
17. Les Robots Salute One Drop Eddie
18. When D.V.R. and Jean Jacques Perrey Collide
19. Les Robots Honour Terry Terauchi
20. A-W.I.E.L.
21. The War of Les Robots

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