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Marika Politissa* – All Parts Dark – LP


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Out of stock

Record Company:
Catalog Number: MRI-124
Dedicated to the memory of [a3329328]. Includes a 12 page color booklet with rare photographs, full lyrics, and extensive notes. Produced in collaboration with [a1668082] (Greek Rhapsody, Mortika) and [a4127126] (From Tambouras to Bouzouki) and co-released by [l908593] (A. Kostis, Alexis Zoumbas).


A1. Νιαβέντ Μανές = Niavent Manes (3:32)
A2. Η Καμωματού = I Kammomatou (3:14)
A3. Ματζόρε Μανές = Matzore Manes (3:15)
A4. Δεν Με Τουμπάρεις = Den Me Toumbaris (3:12)
A5. Όλα Τα Μέρη Σκοτεινά = Ola Ta Meri Skoteina (3:07)
A6. Σ’ Ένα Γλέντι Τα ‘μπλεξα = S’ Ena Glenti Ta Mplexa (3:17)
B1. Αρνάκι = Arnaki (3:01)
B2. Πεισματάρικο = Peismatariko (3:10)
B3. Τζιβαέρι Μανές = Tzivaeri Manes (3:21)
B4. Μοσταάρ Μανές = Moustaar Manes (3:14)
B5. Ραστ Μανές = Rast Manes (3:28)
B6. Νινί Μανές = Nini Manes (3:02)

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