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Marshmallow Overcoat* – 26 Ghosts: The Best Of 1986-2005 – CD


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Record Company:
Catalog Number: ID1233118
Barcode: 053477311827
The enhanced CD contains liner notes, photos and newspaper articles.


. Audio & Multi-Media
CD-1. Psilocybic Mind
CD-2. The Spell I’m Under
CD-3. Fly Away
CD-4. Night Comes Falling Down
CD-5. Come Today
CD-6. (We’re The) Knights Of Fuzz
CD-7. Kiss The Tears
CD-8. Gonna Lose
CD-9. Our Love (Will Survive)
CD-10. Oceans From Home
CD-11. Summers Lost
CD-12. Dia De Los Muertos
CD-13. The Mummy
CD-14. Beverly Pepper (Edited)
CD-15. 1000 Years Ago
CD-16. 13 Ghosts
CD-17. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
CD-18. Piece Of Mind
CD-19. Home (Live)
CD-20. When It’s Dark
CD-21. Suddenly Sunday
CD-22. Bitter Heart
CD-23. Won’t Go Away
CD-24. Psilocybin Explosion
CD-25. Something About The Sun
CD-26. Tomorrow Today
. Video DVD
DVD-1. Main Titles
DVD-2. The Mummy
DVD-3. A Band History & Psilocybic Mind
DVD-4. 2004 Studio Reunion
DVD-5. Fly Away
DVD-6. Bones Crack
DVD-7. Single Tear
DVD-8. 13 Ghosts
DVD-9. You’re Lost Little Girl
DVD-10. 7 & 7 Is
DVD-11. Something About The Sun & Tomorrow Never Knows
DVD-12. When It’s Dark
DVD-13. Suddenly Sunday
DVD-14. Home
DVD-15. End Credits & Our Love Will Survive
. Bonus Clips
DVD-16. Bonus Main Titles
DVD-17. Tears
DVD-18. Tour TV Commercial
DVD-19. Stop It Baby
DVD-20. Bonus Credits & TV Press

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