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Meanwhile In Mexico - Rosencrantz And Guildenstern Are Deaf - LP


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Record Company:
Catalog Number: OSR-029V
Recorded and mastered at Cue Studios, Thessaloniki, Greece during the second semester of 2012. Includes a full-size insert with band photos, credits, liner notes and thanks. Album comes with a free digital download card. Released in a limited edition of 500 hand-numbered copies.


A1. Caboom (2:44)
A2. Canta Coumanta (2:44)
A3. Dial 1515 (2:09)
A4. Godfather (2:53)
A5. In The Valley Of The Bi-Curious (3:52)
A6. Left Turn To Albuquerque (2:37)
A7. Mound Bayou (3:33)
B1. Mysterious Stranger On The Beach (2:05)
B2. Nose Ride (2:31)
B3. Prince Of Surfia (2:54)
B4. Sad Mermaid (Of The Mediterranean) (4:05)
B5. Tetris (3:09)
B6. Tutti Cornutti (2:47)
B7. Zaira (3:02)

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