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Nicholas Carras – Missile To The Moon – LP


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Record Company:
Catalog Number: MH-8208
Barcode: 090771820815
Rocket Red Color vinyl with poster insert. Runouts are hand-etched.


A1. Prologue
A2. Escaped Prisoners
A3. Main Title
A4. Suspense
A5. Rocket Ship Suspense
A6. Rocket Trap
A7. Panel Flash
A8. We’re Heroes
A9. Blast Off
A10. Off Balance
A11. Moonshine
A12. On The Moon
A13. Rock Man Rock
A14. In The Caves
A15. Oxygen
A16. Cave Suspense
A17. The Lido
A18. Court In Session
A19. Now You Must Rest
B1. Are These Real?
B2. Sweethearts On Parade
B3. Show Me
B4. Minds Over Men
B5. Don’t Think
B6. Boy Meets Girl
B7. Cat Fight
B8. Mind Over Matter
B9. Space Flirting
B10. Spider Monster
B11. Drum Sweetness
B12. Spider Bait
B13. Lethal Lever
B14. Do Or Die
B15. Release The Gas
B16. Do Or Die Reprise
B17. Oxygen Escaping
B18. Final Escape
B19. Gotta Get Out Of Here

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