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Nightwatchers (3) – La Paix Ou Le Sable – LP


Out of stock

Out of stock

Record Company:
Catalog Number: LLY036
Barcode: 7340148112061
Recorded in September 2018. Barcode is on a sticker. Comes with a 6 pages booklet with explanations, lyrics and credits


A1. La Paix
A2. Fête Nationale
A3. No End In Sight
A4. Visiting Cholon
A5. Kids’ Screams Turn Me On
A6. Butcher’s Parade
A7. UPCist To The Bone
B1. Le Sable
B2. Shooting Range
B3. Tit-For-Tat
B4. On A Mission
B5. Fellah’s Temptation
B6. A Necessary Evil
B7. No Khenchela

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