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Palmiyeler – Ikimiz – LP​​​

★ LP 12″ vinyl ★ TRANSPARENT ORANGE 300 copies ★


LP (transparent orange)€ 15
Record Company:
Catalog Number: GC076-black-1

The fifth studio album of Palmiyeler ‘İkimiz’ which started right after the band’s second US tour with PAINT and Jared Mattson of the Californian Jazz duo The Mattson 2, was released on June 21, 2022. There are 9 songs in the album, all recorded and mastered in Istanbul. The iconic cover design of the album was made by Mertcan Mertbilek.


Palmiyeler stands for soothing melodies, cinematic landscapes and groovy beats! Unlike the majority of neo-psych bands, Palmiyeler are the proprietors of a distinct style, so familiar and at the same time so original, that makes it hard to categorize: blending garage-rock classicism with some Morricone cool, the Turkish quartet explore dark themes under a breezy Mediterranean sunny feel, the end result sounding hauntingly smooth, like Steely Dan writing for The Jesus & Mary Chain!
Since their formation in the early ‘10s they demonstrated their wide spectrum of influences combined with their sheer musicality! Surf guitar licks leading to often lethargic, gospel-based tunes that recall early-Spiritualized or third-album-era Velvets, alternate with West Coast ‘70s soft-rock abandon dipped on heady sub-funky beats and soulful vocals courtesy of gifted singer Mertcan Mertbilek. This is the Palmiyeler recipe for romance and rock’n’roll: surf cool, Beatlesque genius and psych euphoria at the core of its ingredients, with the beauty of the Turkish language shining over their deep-fried Medi-cosmic!

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