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The Halibuts - Hangin' Fourteen - LP (Compilation, Limited Edition)

Edition of 250 copies on black vinyl.


20 in stock

Record Company:
Catalog Number: GC061/SE006-ltd

Green Cookie records paying tribute to the one of the very first surf bands from LA among with Jon & the Nightriders and the Surf Raiders.
Starting in the early 80’s, South Bay Los Angeles’ own Halibuts played instro surf music when it wasn’t even hip. All but one of the members in the band surfed, unusual at the time as well.
Therefore, we collect all their top songs from their albums (3 of them on a new remix) and we present to you Hangin’ Fourteen on limited collectable vinyl record.


A1. Mr. Mysterioso (02:34)
A2. Shorepound (02:51)
A3. Centipede (2019 remix) (01:52)
A4. Man From H.A.L.I.B.U.T (2019 remix) (03:46)
A5. The Natives Are Restless (02:28)
A6. Molokini By Moonlight (02:36)
A7. Il Buono, Il Bruto, Il Cattivo (Live At Toes) (02:49)
B1. Mr. Mysterioso (Live At Toes) (02:37)
B2. It’s A Wonderful Halibut (02:59)
B3. Bowling Ball Gardens (01:54)
B4. Surf Drums (2019 remix) (02:06)
B5. Uncle Fester’s Comb (Caldera) (02:15)
B6. Rumble At Waikiki / Squad Car (Live At Toes) (03:34)
B7. Life On The Bottom (02:31)


Rick Johnson (guitar); Joe Lyou (sax); Pete Curry (guitar); Kevin Daley (bass); Randy Haskins (drums); Bruce Paddy (keyboards); Richie Hutter (drums on A1); Bob Beland (keyboards on B7).

A1-A4 & B4 produced by Chris Ashford, A5-A7 & B1-B3 & B5-B7 produced by Pete Curry.

Mastered by Ron McMaster. Cover Photo by Chris Van Lenne. Graphic Design by Tom Hofer.

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