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The Halibuts - Hangin' Fourteen - LP (Compilation, Limited Edition)


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Record Company:
Catalog Number: GC061/SE006-ltd
Edition of 250 copies on black vinyl. Rick Johnson (guitar); Joe Lyou (sax); Pete Curry (guitar); Kevin Daley (bass); Randy Haskins (drums); Bruce Paddy (keyboards); Richie Hutter (drums on A1); Bob Beland (keyboards on B7). A1-A4 & B4 produced by Chris Ashford, A5-A7 & B1-B3 & B5-B7 produced by Pete Curry. Mastered by Ron McMaster. Cover Photo by Chris Van Lenne. Graphic Design by Tom Hofer.


A1. Mr. Mysterioso (02:34)
A2. Shorepound (02:51)
A3. Centipede (2019 remix) (01:52)
A4. Man From H.A.L.I.B.U.T (2019 remix) (03:46)
A5. The Natives Are Restless (02:28)
A6. Molokini By Moonlight (02:36)
A7. Il Buono, Il Bruto, Il Cattivo (Live At Toes) (02:49)
B1. Mr. Mysterioso (Live At Toes) (02:37)
B2. It’s A Wonderful Halibut (02:59)
B3. Bowling Ball Gardens (01:54)
B4. Surf Drums (2019 remix) (02:06)
B5. Uncle Fester’s Comb (Caldera) (02:15)
B6. Rumble At Waikiki / Squad Car (Live At Toes) (03:34)
B7. Life On The Bottom (02:31)

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