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Insect Surfers – Satellite Bay – CD


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Record Company:
Catalog Number: GC087-1
After hearing “Pipeline” on the radio for the first time, I knew that instrumental surf music was going to be in my life forever. I am glad to have played a small part in the revival of the music and the documentation of the bands that played it. I hope others follow and keep the guitars wet with reverb and the music alive forever. — Bob Dalley

Hello galactic Insect Surfers listeners! Satellite Bay is a new edition of “best of” that we put together with the legendary Green Cookie Records that includes songs that span a musical path of several decades. Although there were so many typically-played cuts to choose from, we deliberately wanted to focus on some “deeper cuts” and also left out any vocal numbers to give you a more instro-mental listening experience! If you like what you hear here, we encourage you to go further down the Insect Surfers rabbit-hole and digest the individual releases!
Thanks so much for your support and stay chitinous!


1. DelMarVa 02:24
2. Diamondback 04:04
3. Mojave 02:54
4. Tethys 02:44
5.Tiger Shark 03:01
6. East West Highway 02:37
7. Twenty 9 03:40
8. Red Mesa 02:51
9. Black Sea 03:52
10. Dorsal Fin 03:06
11. Razorback 02:17
12. Orion Canyon 04:33
13. Polaris 03:56
14. Bouzouki 02:44
15. Psychotronic 02:40
16. Flamin’ Eddie’s Drag Strip 03:05
17. Volcano Juice 02:57
18. Speed of Life 02:35
19. Vaquita 06:52
20. Zorba’s Dance 02:42
21. Wavelength 03:48


releases January 10, 2022


All tracks remastered by Steve Refling!

Includes brand-new liner notes and special Dave Arnson illustrations throughout!

Produced By: David Arnson and Jonpaul Balak
Mastered By: Steve Refling
Liner Notes: David Arnson and Jonpaul Balak
Layout & Design: Jonpaul Balak
Illustrations: David Arnson

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