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Samsara Blues Experiment – End Of Forever – CD


Out of stock

Out of stock

Record Company:
Catalog Number: EMCD09
Issued in a Digipak with a transparent tray (no booklet). Only track 6a is listed on the release as track 6. 6c is a hidden bonus track. The title of that track has been revealed with the digital release of [r=16375164].


1. Second Birth (10:58)
2. Massive Passive (6:00)
3. Southern Sunset (6:48)
4. Lovage Leaves (4:18)
5. End Of Forever (7:53)
6a. Orchid Annie (8:24)
6b. (Silence) (3:44)
6c. Jumbo Mumbo Jumbo (6:47)

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