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Sinn Sisamouth – Groove Club Vol 4: Sinn Sisamouth – LP


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Out of stock

Record Company:
Catalog Number: LION LP-180
Barcode: 778578318017
Licensed from the Sinn family. First official appearance of these recordings since their initial release as singles. Comes with an 8-page full color booklet with info and photos supplied by Sinn Sisamouth’s surviving family. ~~From Booklet~~ Song Notes: Track A3 – Chis Touk Leng Ning Borng (Ride a Boat with Me): A man invites his lover to enjoy a boat ride with him to see the beautiful landscape. Track A4 – Vong Veng Leu Khneuy (Lost on the Pillow): A woman describes her imagined version of her dream love. Track A5 – Nov Teh Prathna (Still Wishing): A man still wishes to see his love’s return. Track A6 – Kom Dach Chet Choal Brong (Please Don’t Leave Me): A man begs his love not to leave him. He recalls sweet memories they both had. Track A7 – Neuk Oun Chea Nich (Missing You Always): A man misses his lover every time. Track B1 – Hean Slab Prous Borng (Dare to Die for Love): A woman loves the man she would die for. Track B2 – Thngay Nis Mdeach Oun Theu Pro Ngeuy (Today You Act So Cold): A man is sad after his lover acts so cold toward him. Track B3 – Pka Krohom (Red Flower): A man describes a woman with a beautiful red flower. Track B4 – Oun Euy Sdab Pkor (Listen to the Thunder): Two lovers enjoy listening to the sound of thunder. Track B5 – K’out Chheam (Heartbreak): A man describes his heartbreak. Track B6 – Jot My Raju Reach (The Letter of Death): A woman has unrequited love for a man. She receives his letter that shows the love was not reciprocated and she feels extremely disheartened (Note: This song is from a well-known movie produced by Sinn Sisamouth and starred by Ros Sereysothea. It was lost during the Khmer Rouge). Spine adds an exclamation point to the title “Groove Club Vol 4: Sinn Sisamouth!”


A1. Rom A Go-Go (A Go Go Dance) (2:55)
A2. Hala Hala (2:54)
A3. Chis Touk Leng Ning Borng (Ride A Boat With Me) (2:46)
A4. Vong Veng Leu Khneuy (Lost On The Pillow) (3:26)
A5. Nov Teh Prathna (Still Wishing) (3:37)
A6. Kom Dach Chet Choal Brong (Please Don’t Leave Me) (3:26)
A7. Neuk Oun Chea Nich (Missing You Always) (2:35)
B1. Hean Slab Prous Borng (Dare To Die For Love) (2:42)
B2. Thngay Nis Mdeach Oun Theu Pro Ngeuy (Today You Act So Cold) (3:05)
B3. Pka Krohom (Red Flower) (3:26)
B4. Oun Euy Sdab Pkor (Listen To The Thunder) (3:00)
B5. K’out Chheam (Heartbreak) (4:01)
B6. Jot My Raju Reach (The Letter Of Death) (3:21)

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