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Skip Heller – Lua-O-Milo – CD


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Catalog Number: ID1233141
Skip Heller is the true heir-apparent of exotica, having been mentored by legends Les Baxter and Robert Drasnin and his work with Yma Sumac, Korla Pandit, and many others. His work as a film and TV composer includes stints with Dexter’s Laboratory, The Flintstones, The Bernie Mac Show, and several Disney TV programs. “Lua-O-Milo” (Hawaiian for “isle of darkness”) is the first time Heller has gone all-out exotic for an entire disc, and what a voyage it is, a sort of tiki noir tribute to Baxter and Drasnin, but with touches of everything from film noir to Wall of Voodoo. Featuring a diverse cast of musicians including Robert Drasnin and X drummer DJ Bonebrake, “Lua-O-Milo” is likely the most significant exotica disc by a new artist since the genre’s Kennedy-era heyday.


1. The Collector (2:14)
2. Mona Is Typing (2:23)
3. Watch Us Burn (3:06)
4. Lonely (3:20)
5. King Carla (2:58)
6. Hurricane Apartment (2:22)
7. Alice Through A Twilight Zone Episode (2:26)
8. El Tiradito (2:16)
9. Q (4:11)
10. Tomorrow The Green Grass (demo) (2:09)
11. Hand To Eye (demo) (4:00)
12. Snowdrift (demo) (4:03)
13. Les & Plas’s Excellent Adventure (demo) (2:20)

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