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Sonny Touch – Leave Space for the Little Animals – LP


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Record Company:
Catalog Number: VR002
Barcode: 1941713670694
Mixed by Chrysanthos Christodoulou and Sonny Touch All songs arranged by Sonny Touch excluding intro (Arr. by Honolulu Philharmonic) Mastered at Royal Alzheimer Hall by Titos Kariotakis and Christos Harbilas Artwork by Vassilis Mitsiopoulos and Anna Germanou (Replica) Written and produced by Sonny Touch, except Intro written by Honolulu Philharmonic


A1. Что Cо Mной? (1:39)
A2. Việt Cộngs Can Surf (4:39)
A3. Harry The Flamingo (3:03)
A4. It Happened In Greenville, Montana (1:40)
A5. Voodoo Can-can (4:56)
A6. Rain Dance (2:55)
B1. Red Socks (2:24)
B2. Intro (Honolulu theme) (3:16)
B3. Béni (3:59)
B4. Play It As the Wind Blows (6:49)
B5. Pемонт (4:01)

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